The Arts

The Arts – Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, Aspire

Our collaborative approach to the Arts ensures our students work with a dedicated team of passionate Arts professionals to build skills and qualities that enable students to shine. 

Regular performance opportunities encourage students to light up the stage, with real world learning in action as students discover dance, drama, music and extend their confidence across a variety of disciplines. 

Visual Arts

Visual Arts is offered from ELC through to Year 12. Our aim is to provide every student with the opportunity to discover, communicate and express their individuality as an artist and designer through creative exploration of various media whilst refining and extending practical skills with intent.

This process ultimately leads to exhibiting meaningful, thought provoking and resolved works for a broader audience to enjoy, respond to and reflect upon.


Whether it’s a student-driven lunchtime opportunity at the Junior School, or part of our Curriculum at Middle and Senior School, students at Faith love to dance! 

All students in Year 7 and 8 experience Dance as part of a subject rotation through the Arts. 

From Year 9, students can elect to study Dance for one semester or the whole year. Dance as a subject is available through to Senior School, including SACE in Year 11 and Year 12.


We offer a dynamic Music program at Faith with a range of exciting opportunities for students to consider from ELC to Year 12.

Our instrumental program enables students from Junior School through to Year 12 to access a range of experienced, professional teachers for individual lessons throughout the school day, as well as after school. 

If you have questions about our dynamic Arts Program, our team can be contacted at any stage via (08) 8561 4200.

Our Visual Arts Gallery is an example of how the lockdown in 2020 inspired a way for our College to think laterally about how we can continue to share our students’ stories.

This online gallery is a fantastic opportunity for our students to be able to share their work with a broader audience.

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