Spiritual Life

As a School of the Lutheran Church of Australia, we see each child as someone unique and special who was created by a loving God to serve a purpose in the world.

Because of this belief, we see each student as someone with immense value, worth and potential. 

Our role is to do all we can to nurture each student and to assist them to identify and develop their gifts so that they can be the very best version of themselves.

We do this through the Christian principles and values of


Our Faith means that we are interested in the growth of the whole person, which is why our focus is on far more than just academic achievement.

From ELC to Year 12, spiritual life at Faith enables students to discover and explore key topics of relevance. There is time each week for students to learn about Christianity, religion, and time for students to reflect and consider their personal beliefs and their place in the world.

At Faith everyone is important, and everyone is supported. It’s one of the things that makes the community at Faith so special.

— Josh Hein, Chaplain

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