Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Student voice is important as we encourage students to be confident and passionate about their beliefs 

Learn to Lead

In Lutheran Schools we believe that we are all leaders – we believe our students already have influence, and our role is to build skills that enable them to be responsible, ethical and compassionate decision makers – both here in our school and ready for the world ahead.

Junior School

At the Junior School, we have formal School leaders, Worship Leaders, Sport Captains and Student Parliamentarians and we encourage all of our students to recognise and initiate leadership initiatives of their own.

One of the initiatives is student-led lunchtime activities such as Art Club, Friday games, biscuit decorating and sports. In each of these cases, eager students have written a proposal to staff, and then implemented an idea which benefits the greater student body. The activities are led by students with teacher supervision and provides an extra curricular opportunity for interested children of all ages during the school day.

Our aim is to be able to action student initiated ideas where possible, allowing them to experience being a leader and watching the process play out as part of a greater learning opportunity.

Middle and Senior School

At the Middle and Senior School, our College Leaders and Student District Leaders form a dynamic, energetic group of leaders from Year 7 to Year 12.

Each year students have the opportunity to nominate and vote for student leadership positions across the College, with Middle School District Leaders and Senior School District Leaders appointed.

Student leaders meet regularly during lunchtimes to organise and coordinate a range of activities that add to the vibrancy of College life. 

Students also have the opportunity to provide feedback and advice with regards to College developments, such as architect designs, branding and educational programs.

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