Each year the Faith Lutheran College Board determines the fees and charges for the College. 

The goal of the Board is to keep fees and charges as low as possible while also ensuring the College can provide adequate resources to ensure the provision of high-quality education. 

The fee structure at Faith is simple and transparent.

Comparing Fees

Families seeking an Independent School education for their children will possibly compare the fee structures of different education institutions. Faith Lutheran College encourages families to discuss fee related matters with our staff. A comparison of fees alone does not provide information about such things as class sizes, extra-curricular offerings and possible ‘additional fees and charges’ that are not always apparent. Faith offers a simple and transparent fee summary which enables families to budget without surprises.

When are fees charged?

Fees are charged annually. A discount applies for those who pay fees in full for the year. Alternatively, fees may be paid in instalments (for example: fortnightly, monthly, per term).

Fee Discounts, Bursaries and School Card

Fee Discounts

Each year the College aims to provide fee discount to families who demonstrate a need for assistance. Faith welcomes families to speak to our staff about fee concession.


Existing families of the College who may be experiencing difficult times, may be eligible for bursaries.  Bursaries involve the waiving or reduction of fees for a period of time to allow a family to deal with a crisis (for example: illness, death). If your circumstances change, please keep in close communication with us.

School Card

The State Government provides ‘School Card’ assistance to families who meet certain criteria. Please review the governments website for more information, criteria and the application form. A printed copy can be requested from the Finance Office at the College.

Payment in Advance

Our ‘payment in advance’ options enable families to invest in their child’s education prior to the student commencing, allowing fee payments to be spread over a longer period of time. Please contact our enrolments team for more information.

Composite fee

Hiking in the Flinders, Kayaking on the river, snoozing at the Zoo and competing against other schools in SAPSASA or knock-out sports competitions – these are just some of the opportunities and experiences available to students at Faith. 

Such excursions, camps and activities are incorporated into the composite fee, allowing families to plan and budget in advance, and not be surprised by additional expenses on family accounts.

This provides equal opportunities for our students and enables each individual to actively participate in all the College has to offer.

Indicative Fee Calculator

This fee calculator provides a detailed indication of College fees. Our enrolment team looks forward to providing further information about the opportunities available at Faith and answering any questions you may have.

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