Camps and Excursions

Outside the Classroom

Camps at Faith are more than just a few nights away from home. They have been purposefully designed with the development of the whole student at the centre of each experience.

Each camp provides opportunities for students to develop real world skills, expand and strengthen personal relationships, facilitate knowledge, undertake new experiences, and enhance spiritual development beyond the daily school curriculum.

Camps at Faith are intended to have a lasting impression on our students. They leave students with a feeling of positive achievement, fond memories, personal growth, and development. Our camps help students gain a better understanding of their spirituality, purpose and meaning.

— Josh Hein, Chaplain
Junior School Camps (Year 2 to Year 6)

At the Junior School, excursions and camps align with freedoms and responsibilities that underpin The Rite Journey Program.

From a young age in the Early Learning Centre, children begin to explore special locations within our local community. This builds confidence in our students and is the first step, preparing for longer excursions and camp opportunities through the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

From Year 2, students focus on building their independence as they experience their first sleepover at School.

Caring for animals becomes a focus in Year 3, culminating in an overnight experience at 'Zoo Snooze'.

Independence, challenge and team building is further explored in Year 4 as students enjoy the outdoor adventure and a two night stay at Woodhouse in the Adelaide Hills.

Our Year 5 campers focus on organisation, collaboration and responsibility with their camp including a variety of learning experiences and fun in the great outdoors.

The Murray River hosts our Year 6 students for an adventure-filled camp with a focus on the environment, sustainability and responsibility for our land.

Middle School Camps (Year 7 to Year 9)

Year 7 Focus: Group Dynamics

Key Activities: horse riding, low ropes, whip cracking, bushwalking, archery, sheep mustering.

Year 8 Focus: Relationship Development

Key Activities: Group activities to develop relationships with all students and help develop cohesion. Includes aquatic activities which students may not have experienced before, in a beach side environment.

Year 9 Focus: Rite Journey – Abyss Program

Key Activities: Bushwalking/Camping. Challenging students by taking them outside of their comfort zone. A solo experience is an important part of this camp.

Senior School Camps (Year 10 to Year 12)

Year 10 Focus: Outdoor Experience

Key Activities: Bushwalking, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Fishing

Year 10 Camps supports students to experience an outdoor activity which is new or of interest to them. Accommodation is tent camping, and some experiences involve carrying a rucksack.

Year 11 Focus: Adventure and Responsibility

Key Activities: Vary depending on location.

Year 11 camps enable students to embark on an adventure in a location which they may not have experienced. It also requires them to take responsibility in some aspects of the planning, organisation and running of the adventure. All experiences are based in accommodation with facilities for students to prepare meals with adequate heating/cooling.
Year 12 Focus: Reflect, Relax and Refocus

Key Activities: Mix of group information sessions, individual reflection time and free time with peers.

The Year 12 Camp encourages students to prepare for the year ahead, relax with their peers and focus on their final year of secondary school. 

Year 11 Camp pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to build confidence at heights and throughout the city. The activities were fun and I really enjoyed the driving range and ice skating. 

— Year 11 Student

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