Middle Years Laptop Program

At Faith, the Middle Years Laptop Program has been developed to ensure our Year 7, 8 and 9 students are equipped with the right technology to succeed in their learning.

New Middle School students (commencing in Year 7, 8 or 9) are provided with a brand-new laptop that is fully managed, supported and maintained by the College ICT team. To accommodate this, a Laptop Program Levy is payable by all new Middle School families, only in the first year of the program. It must be emphasised that the Laptop Program Levy is substantially less than the total retail purchase price of the device itself, the included laptop bag, and the associated software licensing & support costs. In recent years, the Middle Years Laptop Program Levy has been payable up front prior to the student’s commencement. For 2023, we are giving families the option to pay the Laptop Program Levy over the course of the year with Tuition & Composite fees, using School EasyPay.

The laptop comes loaded with a full suite of software to support the Middle Years curriculum, which includes Windows 10 Education edition, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite plus other subject-specific programs. The device will be used by students across Years 7, 8 & 9 and at the end of Year 9 ownership of the device is transferred to the family. At this time, the laptop will be reset and reloaded with a ‘factory software image’ containing Windows 10 and Microsoft Office. Students are free to continue using this device in Year 10, or families can upgrade in accordance with our Year 10-12 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program.

In preparation for 2023, incoming Middle School students are provided with a Lenovo L13 (Generation 3) laptop. This model was chosen for its performance and battery life, as well as presenting excellent value for money for families. The Lenovo L13 has a 3-Year on-site warranty as well as Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) at no additional cost to families. This allows for a limited number of repairs for accidental breakages at no ‘out of pocket’ cost, over the duration of the Middle Years Laptop Program. All warranty claims and repairs are facilitated by the College ICT team.

Lenovo L13 (Generation 3) Laptop Specifications
AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 5675U, up to 4.3Ghz
256GB Solid State Drive
13.3” Full HD LCD (1920x1200)
Wifi 6E + Bluetooth
46Wh Battery, up to 9 Hours
HDMI, 2x USB Type-C, 2x USB 3.2, Headphone/Mic Jack
Operating System
Windows 10 Education Edition
Lenovo L13 (Generation 3) Laptop
Above: Lenovo L13 (Generation 3) Laptop

Is the laptop program compulsory?

Yes. To ensure equity and a ‘level playing field’ for all students, the program is compulsory. The laptop must be brought to the College each day fully charged and taken to every class, unless instructed otherwise by class teachers. We ask that students do not bring another device as a “substitute” to the unit provided by the College, as we firmly believe that the chosen device will be the best available option to complement student learning and provide consistency in the classroom.

Who owns the laptop?

For the duration of Years 7, 8 and 9, the laptop is owned by the College. Considerable cost savings around software licensing are possible while the College owns the device. At the end of Year 9, ownership of the laptop is transferred to the family where their child can continue to use the laptop in Year 10, or upgrade to a new device that meets the requirements of our Year 10 – 12 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

Can our students keep using the laptop in Year 10 and beyond?

A business/education grade laptop such as those supplied as part of the program, have a useful lifespan of 3 years. This is supported by the 3 year warranty duration and 3 year ‘accidental damage protection’ (ADP) plan included with the device. Laptops used by teenagers do typically experience significant ‘wear and tear’ during their normal use, however devices that have been well looked after and are in good working order will likely be fine to use in Year 10.

At the end of Year 9, the laptop is reset and reloaded with a ‘factory software image’ containing Windows 10 and Microsoft Office. In Years 10/11/12, students are responsible for managing their own device and are free to download any required software, including subject specific programs, from the College’s Student Portal.

If a new laptop is required for the senior years, a device will need to be purchased by the family that meets the College’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) guidelines at the time, which includes both Apple and Windows alternatives. Each year, the College releases requirements for BYO devices and also offers Year 10-12 families the option to purchase a device recommended by the Faith IT team.

Are students allowed to install software on the laptop?

Yes, students are allowed to install software on their laptop. However, it must remain primarily a learning device and any programs that are installed must not interfere with the software installed by the College or any security mechanisms in place on the laptop. Whilst the installation of games is not explicitly banned, it is not encouraged and if they are present, they must not be played while at the College – with no exceptions.

If there are any issues or problems with the laptop, it must be brought immediately to the ICT centre. At this point, ICT staff will assess the laptop and determine if the fault is related to any software installed by the student. If so, they will instruct students to ensure all school work is saved in their OneDrive folder where it is backed up to the ‘cloud’. Once all important files are backed up, the laptop will be ‘wiped’ and reset back to its initial state to restore it to its full capabilities.

While there are strict expectations with regard to student use of the laptop, with parents, students and teachers sharing responsibility for the device’s usage and care, we are committed to building a highly effective program accessing the very best in learning technology.

Is a case/bag included with the laptop?

Yes, as of 2023 a suitable laptop bag is supplied as part of the Middle Years Laptop Program. The chosen bag provides adequate protection for the laptop, but will still fit inside the school bag, providing extra padding for trips to and from the College. It is lightweight and also has handles to assist students carrying books, a pencil case plus a laptop while moving between classes.

Are there charging facilities available at the College?

In short – no.

Students are expected to bring the laptop fully charged to the College each day. Given the considerable battery life of the supplied laptop, the instances of the laptop running flat during the school day will be rare. If a student brings their laptop to the College with a flat battery, they will be directed to the library where they can borrow an older device for that particular day. In exceptional circumstances and with a valid reason for a laptop being flat, a loan laptop can be used for a lesson while ICT staff charge the student’s own laptop.

Is there anti-virus/security software included?

Yes, all laptop program devices have anti-virus/security (Endpoint Detection and Response) software installed, which is fully managed and updated by the College ICT team. We ask that families do not load any additional anti-virus or security software onto the laptop as this often conflicts with other security mechanisms and systems already in place.

Who will be responsible for repairs of the laptop?

The device chosen for Year 7 students has a 3 Year on-site warranty; including 3 years of cover for the battery (typically batteries are only covered for the first 12 months). Any faults and subsequent repairs with the unit are facilitated and resolved via the College ICT team in conjunction with the manufacturer. Physical damage and breakages are not covered by the warranty however we are able to include Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) with the laptop program at no additional cost to families. This cover is provided through the manufacturer, and while limits do apply, the laptop is covered for accidental damage for the duration of the 3 year warranty. This covers damage done to the laptop via accidental means including drops, bumps or knocks and liquid damage. Malicious damage to the laptop by throwing, striking, pushing etc is not covered, nor is cosmetic damage to the laptop such as scratches to the outer plastic casing.

If a laptop repair is required and it is either not covered by the ADP, or the limits of the cover have been reached, the cost of repair will be payable by the family.

This amount will be the lesser figure of either:

  • the actual cost price of repairs;
  • or an insurance excess of $500.00.

Families are always contacted before any ‘out of pocket’ repairs are arranged for laptop program devices.

Is the internet access filtered or controlled on the laptop?

While students are on-site at the College, and connected to the Faith Wi-Fi network, their access to the internet is considerably restricted. Categories of websites and types of content that are blocked include the following:

  • Pornography and Adult content
  • Hacking, Piracy and Copyright theft
  • Gambling
  • Social Media
  • Drugs and Criminal activity
  • Video & Computer games
  • Violence and Self-harm
  • Sites known to host viruses & malicious software
  • The College is able to offer the same level of filtering on the laptop program devices when the laptop is at home or elsewhere (off-site) regardless of whether the laptop is connected the internet over Wi-Fi or tethered via a mobile hotspot or smartphone. This is an ‘opt in’ service at the discretion of parents.

    We are unfortunately not able to alter specifically what content is blocked on a case-by-case or student by student basis. Occasionally legitimate, safe websites can be inadvertently blocked by the web filter and in these cases students and parents are welcome to email the ICT department at eHelp@faith.sa.edu.au with a link to the site in question and the team will review the site and unblock as appropriate. Please be aware if parents/caregivers request the off-site filtering be disabled, the laptop will need to be serviced by the ICT department to have the system removed. If this is requested during a school holiday period, in some circumstances the removal of the software may not be able to be completed until the following term commences.

    If families wish to have this option enabled for their student’s laptop, please tick the appropriate box on the Middle Years Laptop Program – 2023 Order Form, once it is distributed.

    When can we collect the laptop?

    The College understands that parents may wish to give their son or daughter the laptop in the form of a Christmas gift. If this is the case, please be sure to select the Pre-Christmas Collection option on the accompanying Middle Years Laptop Program 2023 Order Form. Collection of laptops typically takes place over a 3-day period in mid-December. The College will provide further detail on laptop collection later in the year.
    If the laptop is not collected prior to Christmas, it will be issued at the start of the 2023 College year.

    If there are any questions regarding the Middle Years Laptop Program, please contact the College ICT team, preferably via email, at eHelp@faith.sa.edu.au.

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