Pastoral Care

As parents and caregivers, we want our children to thrive in an environment that is safe, caring and has student needs at the heart. 

We have designed our Pastoral Care approach to provide a circle of care around each and every student from ELC through to Year 12. 

As students progress through Faith, this circle of care shifts and changes as students grow and develop, yet the focus on the individual in the centre, remains the same.

At Faith, we know how important wellbeing is to be a successful in learning – it is this research and knowledge that underpins our Pastoral Care approach.

Middle and Senior School

In the Middle and Senior School, our Pastoral Care approach focuses on building positive relationships between students and staff, and is based on five pillars – Leadership, Inclusion, Student Voice, Partnerships and Support 

Leadership – At Faith, 8 District Leaders play an active role in building a positive learning environment where the whole school community feels included, connected, safe and respected.

Inclusion – We work together in teams to provide a strong and effective foundation for supporting our students. This includes daily check-ins and regular meetings between Village Care Group Teachers, Wellbeing staff and District Leaders.

Student Voice – Through our Pastoral Care approach we encourage students to have an active role in the development of Village Care Group and District culture and activities. We value the contribution students make, whether in a formal student leadership role as District Captain or College Leader, or in informal opportunities through class and extra-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to be active participants in their own learning. 

Partnerships – We believe it is important to work in partnership with you, parents and families of our students. Our goal is to get to know each of you during your time with us at Faith, so we can best respond to your needs, and support each individual in their learning journey.

Support – Our consistent approach is designed to cultivate an understanding of wellbeing and positive behaviour throughout the College. We support our staff to undertake professional development to remain up to date with research and to enable informed decision making to effectively respond to the changing needs of students and families.   

Our Village Care Group structure, aligns with a District, providing another layer of support to students. Rather than building relationships with a year level coordinator over the course of one-year, deeper relationships can form over the course of each student’s time at our Middle and Senior School.  

Our staff are known for their genuine care and the positive relationships that are nurtured through our approach. 

Programs such as The Rite Journey and The Resilience Project in Junior School, Heroic Habits in Year 7 and The Rite Journey in Year 9 have been intentially developed and are delivered to encourage students to learn more about themselves, their relationships with others, and how they can grow into the person they are designed to be.

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