Mengler View Wine Release 2023, A Celebration of Student Excellence

Monday, 27 Nov 2023

Student achievement was celebrated on Friday, November 10 as the Faith Lutheran College 2023 launched the Mengler View Wine Release. Staff, students, growers, sponsors and supporters of the program embraced the showcase of student learning across wine production, Food and Hospitality, Visual Arts and Music.

Under the guidance of Wine Educators, Mr Craig Moore and Mr Simon Herrmann, Year 10 Agriculture students produced four wines in 2023. The wines are:

  • 2022 Shiraz
  • 2023 Mataro
  • 2023 Riesling
  • NV Sparkling Shiraz (a blend of specially selected Shiraz barrels from 2021, 2022, and 2023)

The evening acknowledged the learning and skills developed by students and recognised the many industry and community sponsors of the Faith Wine Program. Mr Moore hosted the evening and reflected “The wines were well received by guests and the evening was a wonderful celebration of the hard work and dedication of our students. We are proud to announce that Tilli Linke was awarded the Kalleske Winery Prize for Outstanding Student in Wine Production. Tilli shared her experience of working at the winery during the vintage and will have the opportunity to do work experience at Kalleske Wines next year.”

Year 11 Food and Hospitality students demonstrated their skills and professionalism as they prepared and served a delicious three-course meal for guests. Led by Food and Hospitality Coordinator, Mrs Bronwyn Young, the restaurant-quality dishes were paired with the new release Mengler View wines, delivering a quality dining experience for the large and diverse audience.

Collaboration across Learning Areas was further celebrated as the new release label design was presented by Visual Arts Coordinator, Vanessa Di Biasi and artist Chelsea Chembri who designed the label in Year 11 Visual Arts. Chelsea shared her techniques and inspirations for the bright and colourful label as well as the process and meaning behind the eye-catching label. For the first time since the Mengler View Wine brand was established, guests were invited to vote for their favourite label for the 2024 vintage, which will mark the 30th anniversary of the Mengler View Wine Program.

As guests enjoyed the main course, musical performances by Year 11 students Ava Hughes and Will Vidovich, provided an entertaining highlight as they showcased their talents and charisma with support from Arts Coordinator, Mrs Mel Crawford.

Through the Mengler View Wine Program and launch event, students across multiple Learning Areas have embraced real-life learning experiences and established valuable industry and community connections. During the evening the Agriculture Team extended their gratitude to the families, businesses, and groups who supported the Mengler View Wine Program across the year. “Without this generosity and assistance, it would not be possible to offer such a unique and enriching learning experience for our students. We are especially grateful to David and Kathy Liersch (Riesling grapes), Michael and Jo Fechner along with Graeme and Janine Fechner (Riesling grapes), John, Barb and Andrew Kalleske (Shiraz grapes), Darren and Suz Westlake (Shiraz grapes), Anthony and Jodie Scholz (Shiraz grapes), AP John (donation of barrel needs), Vinpac International (contribution towards and support with bottling), CCL labels (donation of labels), Marananga Wine Show (donation towards wine program).” reflects Mr Moore.

With the 2023 vintage now officially launched, the Faith Lutheran College winemaking team have already set their sights on the vintage ahead, as Mr Moore shares; “We are very proud of our students and their achievements, and we look forward to the 2024 vintage as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of firing up the crusher and producing wine here at Faith”

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