Inaugural Student Wellbeing Day

Tuesday, 27 Feb 2024

On Wednesday 21 February we launched Faith's inaugural Student Wellbeing Day, at Faith, we hold the belief that a student's social, emotional, spiritual, and psychological development is equally significant as academic learning.

‘Inspiring our students to set health habits for mind, body, and spirit.’

More than 40 Industry professionals, including art therapists, writers, psychologists, nutritionists, local Lutheran Pastors, and personal trainers, delivered more than 50 diverse workshops such as Mock Sword Fighting, A Teens Guide to Stress, Labyrinth Walk, Skin, Hair and Beauty Hacks, Big Life Questions, Mindful Mandala Making, Sports Nutrition, Woodwork, Mindful Colouring, Run Club, Hockey, Yoga, HITT, and Grow and Go Potted Veggies workshops.

All students rotated between the buzzing exhibition space including a further 25 interactive displays and live music from Alumni Jack Crawford Class of 2013.

Keynote speaker Cyber Safety Expert Susan McLean joined students for the day delivering age-appropriate sessions with clarity and humour challenging students to stop and think about what they do online and what the consequences might be for them not only today but for the rest of their lives. Susan’s training with the FBI, her visits to Facebook & and Instagram’s HQ, and her work with elite sports clubs and other organisations captivated each year level. With the theme of Respect and Responsibility, students were left with no doubt about what they needed to do to stay safe online.

Sincere thanks to staff, students, exhibition and workshop providers who embraced all the day offered. It was an incredible experience for everyone who attended.

For more resources from Susan McLean and other leading specialists in the Wellbeing field, we encourage you to access Faith’s School TV via our website in the quicklinks menu.

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