Faith Musicals are Back.

Thursday, 11 May 2023

After a five-year intermission, Faith Musicals are back! And you won’t want to miss this one. During the student-led rehearsals in the holidays, the excitement of becoming part of the 30-year legacy of Faith Musicals was tangible. ‘After Matilda was cancelled it hit all of us so deeply. Tuck Everlasting marks the return of something very special at Faith’, performer Reo Gerhardy, explains.

The audience picks up the storyline as the Tuck family discovers a spring in the woods, and upon accidentally drinking from it, they become immortal. But, living forever isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be as the family become unsettled and relationships break down. Enter Winnie Foster, whose been in isolation since her father’s passing and so desperately wants to get out and live again. As Jesse Tuck and Winnie’s worlds collide, ‘…they begin to discover what’s important in life, people and relationships, love, family and happiness and that living forever is nothing compared to that.’ Director Ben Schwarz describes.

Faith’s actors, singers and dancers many of whom are part of Faith’s Specialist Arts Program Aspire, will be accompanied in the pit by Faith’s talented student band. The audience will be treated to a set that is indeed beautiful, communicating a message of sustainability and the fragility of our world.
Director Ben Schwarz concludes ‘Tuck Everlasting is a family-friendly musical including beautiful thematic threads that weave together to create a proper story. People will come and cry, laugh, have fun, be lifted up, and be left with a very personal question. If you could live forever, would you?’ 

Photo Caption: 
Back: Samuel White, Magnus Carpenter, Holly Farley, Desiree Abela, Amelie Cowley, Courtney Duggan
Front: Thomas White, Lauren Langford, Ava Hughes, Layla Grosser, Caitlin White, Reo Gerhardy

‘Usually, I play the good characters, so playing the villain has been challenging. There are two sides to my character in this musical. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with tone, and accents, and growing a quiet intimidating personality. How they move and how they walk and how I interact with the audience, extending my performance skills. 

— Layla Grosser, Year 11 student Character: The Woman in the Yellow Suit.

Some performers and musicians have backgrounds in musical theatre, many are part of our Faith’s Aspire specialist performing arts program, and for everyone, it’s their first Faith Musical. We’ve all come together as one big family. We’ve all learned from each other’s skill sets and worked towards a common goal. 

— Year 11 students Ava Hughes and Reo Gerhardy

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